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From Page to Screen: BBC’s Sherlock

"It’s quite exciting," said Sherlock Holmes, with a yawn. A Study in Scarlet, chpt.6

You dare speak his name… YOU FILTHY HALF-BLOOD!

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We need to make it personal for her. Let her see what the Capitol did to District 12.
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"That vile creature Fish Mooney, Don Falcone, the police, not even your own partner trusts you.They will always hide the truth from you!.  But not me, never. You saved my life."

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"It’s revealing that she’s in his mind palace. She’s one of the people he keeps himself up to the mark with." ~ Steven Moffat

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"Oh Lexy I’m hurt. How could you have this little party without inviting me?"

"It’s not a party.”

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Once you accept that, in your heart…

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Some Of My Favorites Comics Art: by Lee Bermejo

To my followers who have self esteem issues

I have recently found a method that lifts me up a little when I’m having a bad day or feeling bad about myself, and I haven’t seen it anywhere on like ‘wiki how’ and stuff so I thought I’d post it here.

I created a playlist on my iPod titled ‘badass’ and filled it with songs that make me feel awesome and want to shake my booty, and I listen to it when I’m in need of a little confidence. Doing that has helped me to be able to hold my head up higher and to take a stride a little bit wider. I can now walk past large groups of people without feeling so apprehensive and feel more confident in my clothes/hair/makeup than I did without the music playing.

I’m sharing this in the hope that some of you will do the same with your favourite booty-shaking tunes and start to feel better about yourself. I will list some of my songs in the ‘read more’:

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new Hobbit poster: “Broken but Unbeaten”. Beautiful…

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Sherlock Creative Challenge

↳ [3] Favourite Male Character - Sherlock (although it flips between him and John constantly.)


Will you help me?

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